Leading international service provider for maritime emergency and support services

SSE group of companies owns and operates more than 50 support vessels. The fleet includes a mix of crane barges, work barges, tugs with capabilities to combat oil pollution, supply boats, rescue boats, dive boats and landing pontoons among others. We are fully equipped to support a wide range of maritime emergency, pollution control and support activities.

Our Services

  • Marine Salvage Repairs

  • Wreck Removal/ Disposal

  • Diving Operations

  • About Us

    Core Value

    Making the most of our unique assets, SSE is committed to providing services that exceed customer’s expectation and enhance our customers' performance. We pride ourselves on having creative and reliable marine and engineering solutions since 1968. Our people thrive on the challenge to excel in any environment and their dedication to safety and customer service worldwide is our greatest strength.Our commitment to technology and quality is the basis for our competitive advantage.


    Safety and Quality Assurance

    At Singapore Salvage Engineers we are committed to ensure operational safety, human health and environment protection in all our projects. Employees at every level, including management are collectively responsible and held accountable for the overall safety, health and environment programs. We strive to be the best marine service provider offering solution and support, for execution of marine response and salvage projects, and maintaining quality of services that meets and exceeds client’s requirements. All activities at SSE will, at all times, comply with statutory, regulatory and obligatory requirements as applicable. SSE management will continue to work on improving by reviewing the skills and competence of employees, marine crew, and operation team and provides for required training to excel in deliverables.